Sunday, July 20, 2008


Latest News 7/20/08 Well hello there web surfer out in internetland! It's your favorite guy who makes noises with his mouth in to an electrical metal tube! That's right, it's Santino of Scarlet Carson ::roaring applause:: ... ::in my head::! :P lol What's goin on Joe? Hope all is well in the land of OZ. I want to welcome you if you're a new subscriber. As we recently broke past the 100 subscriber benchmark to a nice 120! So thanks for caring! ;) lol Some quick updates for you. We've got 3 shows lined up, this Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. (Details are below.) However, originally we were supposed to bring our sweet asses up to Chasers in Keansburg on Friday after our Waretown show. But, due to some logistical complications (ie Joe has to steal peoples money at a blackjack table, shattering their hopes and dreams of a decent vacation... even though its the first they've taken since their divorce, and sitting in front of them being scooped away by our rhythm guitarist is the poor mofo's life's savings that they bet on a blind hand... poor poor bastard..)! But yeah, lol that's about it, he has work at crazy hours, and we just cant swing both shows. But next time we'll make it hap'n cap'n! On the album home front. Things were progressing at a pretty steady rate, and then our engineer decided to go off and have relations with another band for a week!! (Cheating fuck! I'll cut it off I swear!!) And after all we've done for him, the cooking, the cleaning, the blood sweat and tears!! I gave him my studio virginity! Is nothing sacred anymore?! hehe I'm crazy... Anyway! We'll be back in the studio to finally FINISH recording very soon. All that's left now is to record vocals for 6.5 more tracks, throw it all in a blender, mix it up real good like, drop kick it to Mr. Douche's to be master(bate)ed, and then bitch slapped so hard it ends up in the hands of Disc Makers where it will be shown tender love and care... then be probed, analyzed, ripped, cloned, and made in to a plastic whore for your consumery consumption. Yay capitalism! A reminder! Don't forget to check out our lovely Rock Sucker of the Month at the bottom of this email! Until next time. Rock on! - Santino of Scarlet Carson. || If you haven't already, be sure to visit us on myspace! Got something to say? Suggestions, comments, just wanna shoot the shit? Feel free to email us back! We're looking forward to hearing about Laquisha's 17th baby boy named Addidas! Upcoming Shows Join us for Raab's Big B-Day Bash! All weekend! Thursday, July 24th The Bash kicks off with a pre-game at the Aztec Lounge in Seaside heights @ 10pm w/ our new friends in Jeta Grove. Free Entry + $6 Pitchers of Miller = Drunken band mates as well as good times. Click here for more details. Friday, July 25th The big show hits Friday with our good friends in End of an Era & Beyond Visible @ Station 36 in Waretown, NJ! Compliments of ALL AGES welcome! Admission is $10 if you buy advanced tickets from us, or $12 at the door. We're expecting an awesome turnout for this show, so come out and rock with us! Click here for more details. Saturday, July 26th Recovery day in preparations for... Sunday, July 27th The party goes out with a bang! @ Bar-A in Lake Como. 21+ ALL DAY ROCK FEST! We go on at 10pm! Compliments of DAA Entertainment. So come out and party with us all day long! Click here for more details. Contest MySpace Popularity Contest So, you think you're pretty popular on myspace? Well lets put your popularity to the test. Get 50 friends to add Scarlet Carson on myspace and receive an autographed poster from our upcoming album "Not So Innocent"! To enter: Message us on myspace with your full name and mailing address. Then have your friends add Scarlet Carson w/ the message "'Your Name Here' sent me!"! Its that simple! Well... GET TO IT! ;) Rock Sucker of the Month July/August 2008 Winner Name: Tiffany Bradshaw Age: 22 Hometown: Long Beach Island, NJ Measurements: 34-23-33 Occupation: Model / Hostess (with the mostess!) / Scarlet Carson cover girl! Hobbies: Working, Beach Bum, Yoga, Arts & Crafts, & WORKING! Interests: Modeling, Art, History, & Music (Scarlet Carson!!) Web sites: Model Mayhem Profile MySpace Profile See more of the lovely Miss Tiffany Bradshaw (over 60 photos) in our MySpace photo album. Friends Only! Add us on myspace for full access. Next Months Prize: A FREE Autographed Copy of "Not So Innocent". Be one of the first to own it when it drops this August! To Submit: Simply send an email to with the subject "I Wanna Be a Rock Sucker!" In this email include around 5-10 sexxxy photos (or links to the photos), your name, age, hometown, measurements, hobbies, interests, and a link to your web site (myspace, modeling page, whatever you got). The young lady with the sexiest photo submissions we receive that month will be selected and displayed on our new web site (coming soon), as well as in these emails! So if you're a model, its great exposure, and if you're a hardcore rock sucker, then its just plain awesome. :D

puppies behind bars

puppies behind bars
this is fantastic

raise a puppy to help the blind