Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Dear laura, June 3, 2008 It's probably no surprise to you that our oceans are in trouble and desperately need our help. At Greenpeace, we've been campaigning all over the globe for increased marine conservation and it looks like the oceans may be getting a hand from a very unlikely source. President Bush is thinking about designating sizeable portions of U.S. territorial waters as marine protected areas. In 2006, Bush brought large-scale ocean conservation to the U.S. by establishing a Marine National Monument in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, the world's largest fully protected marine reserve. Maybe President Bush has a special place in his heart for the oceans? Whatever the reason, we need more marine reserves and we need to encourage President Bush to follow through and make this a reality! TAKE ACTION NOW! Most U.S. waters remain unprotected from destructive fishing practices, so additional steps are urgently needed to help reverse the alarming decline of the health of our oceans. We need more marine reserves because they help restore marine biodiversity and put endangered species and habitat on the road to recovery. They provide a safe haven for marine life, enabling populations to re-build and re-seed surrounding areas. Marine reserves also can help us understand the changes caused by global warming, even as the reserves help increase marine ecosystems' ability to withstand these new climate stresses. Please take action today. For the oceans, John Hocevar Oceans Campaigner 3 Ways to Help 1: Donate Now Help Greenpeace Take a Stand. 2: Take Action Visit our Action Center and take action today. 3: Tell a Friend Forward this message to a friend. Help spread the word.

puppies behind bars

puppies behind bars
this is fantastic

raise a puppy to help the blind