Wednesday, April 9, 2008


GREENPEACEI've worked for Greenpeace for many years, and I've raised a family along the way. It's no exaggeration to say that global warming is the greatest threat facing the planet today and one that will affect the future of my family and families around the world. In fact, it already has. Just recently, scientists discovered that the Wilkins ice shelf in Antarctica broke off years before they had predicted. The situation is dire and there's little time left to act. But I wouldn't work for Greenpeace if I didn't whole-heartedly believe that you and I can make a difference. It's not too late if we act now! That's why this Mother's Day weekend we're organizing Mommy Meetups across the country. Whether you're a soccer mom or not, it's time to kick start Congress into taking action to help stop global warming. This is a family-friendly opportunity to put a human face on an important policy issue. The idea is simple: On May 10th and 11th, moms and kids of all ages will gather in parks and homes for group photos. At these gatherings, families will use cell phones to record short voicemail messages calling on Congress to stop global warming. Those voicemails will be featured as an audio collage on our web site, along with the group photos, so that Congress can see and hear from families everywhere. It's a great way for moms and kids of all ages to add their unique face and voice to the movement to stop global warming. Take Action >> Sign up today to create a Mommy Meetup in your community and we'll help you make sure it's a success. Mother's Day is about honoring our mothers and grandmothers. You can make your mother proud this Mother's Day by demanding action on global warming. Stand Up for our kids' future, Lisa Finaldi Greenpeace Campaigns Director (aka the mother of all campaigners) P.S. Help spread the word, send this to your family and friends and invite them to join you! Please take our survey

puppies behind bars

puppies behind bars
this is fantastic

raise a puppy to help the blind