Wednesday, July 27, 2011

i blog for peace

1.. i blog for peace for all the child who were killed in war
2.. i blog for peace for all of mankind
3.. for inner peace of mind
4.. for children who still find land mines.. this must stop
5. for nature
6.for no more wars
7.for the future
8. i blog for peace so we love our fellow brothers and sisters for there hearts and not to judge them by the color of there skin
9. i blog for world peace for you
10 i blog for world peace for women's rights
11. i blog for peace for all the women and men that died fighting fro freedom
12 for sea life to still be there for all children
13.. for all starving people around the world
14 for child that are born with birth defects due to war
15. for rain forest
16 for clean water and no acid rain
17 for mothers that lost children
18 for our brothers and sisters fighting in war
19 no more cancer due to nukes
20.. for the elderly
21 for hero dogs who serves in was
22 so we may sleep in peace and not in fear
23that we are not judge by religion
24 for all my heal from lost of love ones
25stop child abuse
26 to stop rapes
27killing of animals for money
28stop sex traffic
29people have peace of mind and stop drug abuse
30 for all those in heaven to be free from pain
31.. for all who lost legs from land mines
32 for all to have inner peace and love your fellow man
33 for a better goverment
34 for our children
35 for all parents who have children fighting in the service
36 for all family's who lost a loved one
37.. for all crime victims
38.. for the elderly who are left alone
39. for gay rights
40..the unknown men and women who never came home from war
41.. for child abuse
42.. battered women
43..all who battle with cancer
44.. for all who died from drunk drivers
45.. for a honest president
46.. for all policemen and firemen
47.. for all who are lost due to 9/11
48 for the homeless
49..for all women who lost babies from chemical warfare
50.. for all lost at sea from war
51.. for peaceful protesters
52..for mom,s who lost children at birth more bulling
54.. for gay rights
55..for my peace of mind
56.. no more wars
57..for all who were victims of sex trafficing
58.. fro freedom of speech
59.. for women's rights
60.. gor a honest govermenr

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puppies behind bars
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