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What you Need

Necklace template

Assorted glass gems, beads etc.


Ultra-suede or felt

Pencil or disappearing-ink marker

Fabric glue

Ribbon in desired color

Invisible thread (optional)

Parchment Paper

Dictionary, Heavy Book or a brick wrapped in cloth

Lets Make It! Download and print bib necklace template. Trace and cut necklace shape from two pieces of Ultra-suede or felt. Arrange gems on the fabric starting at the center and working outward. Carefully coat the back of each gem with glue and adhere each one to the fabric. Place parchment paper on top of the gem s then place the dictionary on top of it all and let dry (make sure no glue is leaking out of the sides ( you do not want to glue the parchment paper to the necklace) Cut ribbon into two equal-length pieces, these pieces will determine the length of your necklace. Glue ribbons to each end of fabric for ties. Let dry. If desired, turn necklace over and use invisible thread to anchor the gems. Coat second cut piece of Ultra-suede or felt with thin layer of glue and cover back of necklace, hiding the thread. Using sharp scissors, carefully cut away extra fabric. There you have it, a bib for grown ups .

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