Monday, June 22, 2009


100% natural, plant-based bug repellent. Finally a bug spray you don't have to worry about! Use this on kids, pets, and the rest of family. You can even spray around windows and doorways to keep the pests outside. Nature's best bug repelling substances can be found in this formula. Ingredients such as neem, geranium, eucalyptus and lemongrass hold specific insect repelling qualities. This works on flies, ants, mosquitoes, horseflies, fleas and "nosee'ums". There are no synthetic additives or fillers and you will see the product separate as it sits. Just give the bottle a little shake while you apply. We decided a little effort on our part when applying our bug spray was better than putting in chemicals to make the ingredients permanently bind. Once you've tried a natural bug repellent you'll never go back to chemical pesticides! FIND THIS AT HTTP://.WWW.GREENBUBBLE.ETSY.COM

puppies behind bars

puppies behind bars
this is fantastic

raise a puppy to help the blind