Thursday, January 1, 2009


For The Modern Bride Home Reviews Contact Us FAQ Products Gallery (Over 500 Pictures!) Visit our Blog *Order before January 1st to take advantage of 2008 pricing* New Price List @ of 2009 Card Boxes Why go typical when you can have something extraordinary? Don’t settle for a store bought card box, the outdated styles, or one that thousands of other couples have already used before. Order one that is made JUST FOR YOU! Many brides and grooms set up a collection area for the cards during cocktail hour. Others like the idea of personally collecting them as they make their rounds, which is great, however you need to be able to unload throughout the night. Carrying them in a money bag can be quite burdensome and designating a family member/close friend to hold your cards all night, is not very fair since that person is there to have fun and celebrate your special day. Either way, you really need a secure & visible place to keep them all together. In planning such a joyous day, you wouldn't think that theft should be something of concern. Sadly every year thousands and thousands of brides report having cards stolen by their own guests, guests of coinciding parties, and staff members. This is very likely to occur when your cards are exposed and easily accessible like with the bird cage, wishing well, mail box, and other similar options. However all of your worries can be eased by ordering one of our card boxes. They are strategically created so that the cards cannot be accessed until after the event. The card slot is large enough to fit ALL size cards, but small enough where someone can't reach inside. Our card boxes are also larger than all our competitors, so rest assured your card box will be easily seen. We cater to all events: weddings, engagement parties, bridal showers, baby showers,birthdays, anniversaries, charity events, fundraisers, bridal shows, etc. Your card box would be made in your colors (swatches are encouraged), your theme if applicable, and designed to coordinate and accent the rest of your wedding decor. All card boxes are made with quality fabrics, ribbons, embellishments, silk flowers, and anything else needed to fulfill the requests of our customers. Since we offer various sizes, the heights do vary however our boxes range from 8" up to 2 feet tall! (taller boxes available upon request; additional fees apply). When considering what box height works best for you, be sure to remember that the height of the box is in addition to the height of the table it will be placed on. A box that is 2 feet tall may not seem that high however once on a table it's a very large piece. All cards fall to the bottom box and that box alone holds about 150 cards (approx 300 guests). You can increase the capacity by opting for a higher card slot. We offer many personalization options which are listed on the Card Box Order Form. All prices reflect a fully designed and completed card box. Any specialty items requested (i.e. sailboat, brooches, excessive rhinestone detailing, cake toppers, etc) may be subject to additional fees and you would be contacted prior to production. There is no assembly needed for our card boxes, as you see them is how they ship and arrive to you. All you would need to do is unpack it and it's ready for use. Order Now Home | Card Box Order Form | Reviews | Contact Us | FAQ | Products | Gallery | About Us Copyright © For The Modern Bride 2006-2008 | All Rights Reserved

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puppies behind bars
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